Can the program team answer my insurance coverage or benefits questions?

  • No. Please call the HealthSpring Customer Service telephone number printed on your membership card for an explanation of your benefits, questions about your coverage or any other health-plan related concerns.
If I participate, will my benefits be affected?

  • No. Your participation is voluntary, and you may leave the program at any time. This will not affect your current coverage or future eligibility.
Is the HealthSpring Cares program an effort to reduce costs or benefits?

  • HealthSpring’s mission is to "improve the health of the community we serve". To help accomplish this, the HealthSpring Cares program will provide you and your doctor with information and tools to better manage your health better. By better managing your health, your quality of life may improve, which may also lead to medical cost savings.
Are there any hidden costs for me to participate?

  • No. This service costs you nothing and is being sponsored by HealthSpring.


Am I required to participate?

  • No. The HealthSpring Cares program is voluntary. You are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable support service provided at no additional cost to you.
If I choose not to participate now, can I join later?

  • Yes. As long as you are an eligible health plan member, you can join the program anytime by calling HealthSpring Cares toll-free at 877-608-7092, or you can call 615-401-4536 TTY/TDD line if you have a hearing impairment.
If I start the program and don’t like it, can I quit?

  • Yes. You can quit the program at any time. However, if you do not feel you are getting valuable support from the program, please talk to your program team about how to make these resources work best for you.
I am already healthy and have taken good care of myself. Why should I join?

  • By participating in the HealthSpring Cares program, you and your doctor will receive tools and information that can help you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will also receive newsletters, self-care reminder cards for preventive exams and other informative mailings that you wouldn’t otherwise get.


Who sees my information if I participate in the program?

  • If you choose to participate in the HealthSpring Cares program, HealthSpring and American Healthways, the company assisting in managing the program, will have access to your information which is held, by law, under strict confidentiality. Your primary care physician will also receive information you share with HealthSpring or American Healthways during the time you are in the program.
Will my information be kept confidential?

  • Yes. By law, all your information will be kept confidential by HealthSpring and American Healthways. Your primary care physician will also receive information from HealthSpring or American Healthways during the time you are in the program.
What if someone from my family or work calls and wants information about me?

  • HealthSpring and American Healthways are bound by law not to discuss any information about our members with anyone but the member and his or her physician, unless you specifically authorized another person to participate in your health care treatment.


Does this program replace my doctor or mean I no longer have to see my doctor?

  • No. The HealthSpring Cares program is an educational program only and in no way replaces the care you receive from your doctor. The program helps you between your regular doctor visits. You should continue to see your doctor for your regular visits.
What if I want to change doctors?

  • You have selected or been assigned a primary care physician with HealthSpring. If you have questions or concerns about your doctor, you may change your physician by contacting the HealthSpring Customer Service Department at the number on your member identification card.
How do I find a specialist or get a referral for a specialist?

  • Your primary care physician refers you to a specialist. You can find your primary care physician’s name and phone number on the front of your member identification card. If you have additional questions, call HealthSpring Customer Service at the phone number listed on your member identification card.
If I have a medical problem, can I call the HealthSpring Cares program team?

  • No. Call your primary care physician for any medical problems, questions related to your medications, etc.